Information & Guidelines

We are taking the necessary steps to minimise risk to our patrons & staff once we return after COVID-19. Please be understanding of some of the new rules that must implemented to help us do the best we can to decrease the risks to everyone.

All staff will have completed the COVID safe online course, have installed the COVIDapp & agree to abide by the following guidelines set out below the same as we expect all families & swimmers to.

Thank you so much for your patience & understanding.

Please speak to us if you have any queries regarding any of the COVID information & guidelines.

We wish the best of health for everyone so lets do our best to keep each other safe.

Please watch our Instructional video so we eliminate surprises for your return.

What are we doing to follow guidelines?

  • Our water chemistry is tested every 4 hours.
  • We have an automatic dosing system consistently balancing water chemistry in safe ranges required.
  • We use Ozone as a secondary sanitation system.
  • Our Centre is cleaned and disinfected at the end of every shift.
  • High touch areas will be cleaned regularly.

How can you help?

  • Read our Berrydale Swim School COVID-19 Information & Guidelines
  • Sanitising your hands EVERY time you enter and exit the Centre.
  • Practise good hygiene by washing hands with soap and sneezing into elbow.
  • Not attending if you are sick at all and not return until fully recovered.
  • Not attend for 2 weeks if you have been overseas, been diagnosed or a suspected case of Coronavirus or been in contact with a suspected/Coronavirus case.
  • Exit the Centre as quickly as possible after lessons.
  • Arrive already in your swim wear. “Beach Ready”
  • Supervise ALL young children’s toilet time to ensure they wash with soap and sanitise before getting in the pool.
  • Make payments through online banking
  • Any enquiries to reception or teaching staff needs to be via email, text or phone calls.

Makeup Lessons

If you need to be away due to symptoms that MAY/or ARE related to COVID-19 we still need you to apply our Absentee Procedure.

Makeup lessons may be available based on the following conditions;

  • You must have notified us at least 1 HOUR BEFORE your child’s lesson.
  • Term fees must be paid.
  • Maximum 3 per term. 
  • Makeup lessons must be completed during the term or on the following school holidays (not T4).
  • Makeup lessons do not carry over to the next term.
  • Makeup lessons can not be exchanged for cash refunds or credits towards fees.
  • We can not guarantee to provide makeup classes if there are no places available. We rely on families advising us of any absence as soon as they can to be able to offer places.
  • As an easier option for parents we also may organise your child’s class as a semi private (half capacity class) as a makeup lesson. This saves you coming back another time or staying longer and has more benefit as they receive more teaching time.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW UP FOR MAKEUP LESSONS please see reception when you are in next time or call/email when your child is well

To assist with receiving makeups please – Request A Makeup.

Management reserves the right to alter any of the above points at it’s discretion and on an individual case by case situation.

Public Holidays

We DO NOT operate on any Public Holidays