Got Questions? We Have Answers

All patrons & swimmers over the age of 16 must be double/fully vaccinated to enter our Centre.

*Makeup Lessons are available based on the following;

  • We must receive at least ONE HOURS NOTICE by phone, text or portal
  • Maximum 3 per term
  • Term fees must be paid
  • You must followup using the Request A Makeup form available on the Parent Portal

Please Note:

  • They can be offered as a semi private lesson (half class attendance) instead of another day.
  • We can not promise makeups if there is no availability
  • Makeup lessons do not carry over to the next term.
  • Makeup lessons can not be exchanged for cash refunds or credits towards fees

*Subject to change at any time.

  • Assessments are important to help you all become acquainted with the surroundings and help avoid everyone being flustered or rushed when you attend your first lesson.

So we can give your child the best experience it is essential to place them in the appropriate swimming class, suitable to their standard and ability. To achieve this we like to assess each child individually.

An assessment involves a 10-15 minute water session, one on one with a teacher. During this time you and your child can be personally introduced to our school, it’s facilities and have the opportunity to get information & ask questions so it is not so daunting when you both attend your first lesson. Assessments are only required for students 3 years and older. Enrolling bubs will have their assessment to graduate to the preschool level.

A once off $30.00 per child non-refundable amount required to secure placement at the Berrydale Swim School. Family Membership $80 (3+ children from the same family) Your membership fee is added to your first invoice & covers:

  • A 10-15 minute individual assessment to make sure your child is placed in a class suitable to their abilities, needs, personality & confidence levels.
  • A gift bag
  • Enrolment in a permanent class.
  • A cap which is to be worn during every class.
  • Ongoing assessments if required.
  • Priority in Wait List

*Please note this is separate to the fees which are charged by the term.

As well as having our secondary sanitation system Ozone for staff and swimmers, our Centre is following patronage number restrictions and social distancing guidelines. Staff ALL must have downloaded the COVIDsafe APP, completed the COVID online training and are all trained in our upgraded cleaning procedures.
All high touch areas will be cleaned regularly by a designated staff member and all pool equipment will be single use and sanitised after each class.

Clear snotty/runny noses are OK to swim with if your child feels OK. Please just bring tissues/hankies/face washer to wipe noses.

Green snot is not OK. COVID-19, Diarrhea & vomiting is NOT OK and students should not return until symptoms have been clear for 2 weeks.

Molluscum contagiosum needs to be covered by clothing or bandages. This can be spread if the spots burst due to heat or scratching and can be transferred to others via touching or infected equipment. Children with low immunity can have symptoms for some time so please let us know or cover up.

If your child does not feel well please let us know & keep them home. Organise a makeup lesson when they are well again.

Our water temperature is set to 34C year round.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are no longer able to lend ANY items. Please make sure you have your bathers, towel, cap & goggles. If you forget anything children are welcome to start their lesson and you can go home to get those items.

Once the COVID risk is gone and health guidelines do not need to be so strict we may be able to reintroduce lending the following items

Towels, caps & goggles, these will be sanitised after each use still. So as long as you have bathers which we can not lend bather for health reasons you won’t need to go home.

Please leave borrowed items at reception when you leave.

We prefer children are at least 6 months old when they start formal lessons so they have built a little bit of an immunity, have started immunisation and you can feel value in paying for lessons.

Your commitment being in the water with them is the decider for when you start them and starting from 6 months means 2 ½ years of beautiful bonding, learning time. If you love the water like us GO FOR IT 🙂

Remember you are able to start conditioning skills in the bath at home right from their first bath so they can begin to be ready for lessons regardless of age at start time.

Class levels at Berrydale Swim School are based on a child’s ability not their age. We want all children to enjoy their water experience so we work with your child’s individual abilities in mind.

For choosing correct session times the swimmers are initially categorised as follows:

  • Infants – 6 months to 3 years old.
  • Preschool – 3 to 5 years old.
  • School age – 5 +.
  • Pre Squad – generally above 6 years old.

Lessons statements are emailed as an attachment once you have registered and had your assessment. During the school holidays each Term a new email is sent with an attachment that contains your class details, Family ID, account balance and payment. Please check your statement carefully as class times can change each term. If this does not arrive please let us know.

When you are enrolled you will also have access to Your Account via our parent Portal. You will need to register for this with your own email as supplied to us and make your own password. Your account has all your children’s class days & times, family account balance, important dates & info and ability to notify of an absence.

  • We are an ASSA & Austswim recognised swim centre.
  • ALL teachers are Austswim qualified and MUST keep their qualifications up to date with regular training courses.
  • ALL teachers are up to date Level 2 First Aid & CPR trained & hold current WWCC.
  • Most instructors are Kickstart qualified
  • All staff are fully COVID vaccinated
  • Our lessons include water safety and survival instruction.

Most activities children attend involve a uniform that works for the activity they are participating in. The uniform for Berrydale Swim School which should always come to lessons includes;

  • Bathers/swimmers
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Caps
  • Flippers (squad swimmers only)
  • Water bottle

All other equipment such as boards and swimming aids are provided by the school.

Goggles are a vital teaching aid at various stages of the learning process. They allow the child good vision and comfort underwater. It is great for children to have their own when it is time to use them regularly.

Goggles are required when they begin learning freestyle but can be used earlier to allow the swimmer to get used to them. We don’t need preschoolers to wear them if they choose not to and will encourage some time without goggles to avoid total dependency.

Goggles can also be used for practice in between swimming lessons for our younger swimmers.

Berrydale Swim School has a compulsory Caps on Policy for over 2 year olds.

This allows more hygienic water conditions and better swimming experience for students

  • Caps allow better concentration whilst swimming because it keeps hair out of the eyes and mouth
  • allows goggles to go on more easily and stops goggles from sliding down the head or pulling/tangling hair
  • keeps some water out of ears. For those prone to ear aches we recommend ear putty as well
  • keeps heads warmer in winter.
  • Keeps hair, dirt and oils out of the pool and stops nits spreading.

To help with us with this policy your registration fee includes a cap.

When putting caps on, get your child or the receptionist to hold one side on the top of the forehead, then slowly stretch the cap over the head.

After your child’s lesson Pat them dry inside and out with your towel store in their swimming bag.

DO NOT place caps scrunched & wet in bags, in washing machines, dryers, on window sills or over taps this causes stretching, sticking and holes. Be careful not to over stretch, go too fast or stick fingers/nails or hair pins through the cap.

New caps cost $7.00 – colour options pink, purple, red, blue & green.

It is perfectly fine to swim in Winter. Our water is very warm so it may feel cold when children get out. There are heaters in the change rooms.

To help keep kiddies warm make sure they;

  • have their cap on in the pool.
  • Put a rashie/t-shirt on
  • Dress in warm clothes or dressing gowns to go home
  • Have a beanie ready for their heads & socks for their feet

If your child has a serious medical condition such as a broken limb we can credit the balance of missed lessons to the holiday program or next term only. Please supply a valid medical certificate.

  • Have a dress rehearsal at home so your child is used to swimwear, caps and goggles.
  • Arrive about 5 minutes before your lesson so your child can be ready for their class.
  • Try to arrive relaxed and positive, especially if the experience of swimming lessons is new. Your child will feel calm and secure and lessons will be more successful.
  • Toilet your child just prior to their lesson to avoid accidents and disruption during swimming lessons.
  • Children that are NOT toilet trained MUST WEAR AN AQUA NAPPY.

To confirm you will be returning for the next term a $40 per swimmer deposit is due by the end of each term. This amount is deducted from the next terms fees.


Deposit DOES NOT hold a specific class time only your day.

If you do not wish your child to be enrolled any longer please let us know in writing as soon as possible.

There are no refunds under any circumstances if you choose to cancel during a term. Depending on the situation we can transfer fees to the next term only.

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