For Enjoyable Swimming Lessons & healthy water.

Please follow our basic health rules

  • Wash hands with soap after using the toilet
  • Please make sure your child’s face and hands are clean from food, face paint etc before entering the pool
  • Please shower before entering the pool
  • Please make sure children are sitting at all times with food
  • Please notify us if food or drinks are spilt so we can clean mess immediately
  • Toilet your child just prior to their lesson to avoid accidents and disruption during swimming lessons.
  • If your child has the following virus’ please be considerate of other patrons;
  • Warts on their feet please cover them with bandaids, children are required to wear thongs to/from the pool edge and in the shower
  • Contagiosum Molluscum; please keep them covered by water bandaids and swimwear such as rash vests and/or shorts
  • DO NOT SWIM if you or your child has any contagious illnesses;
    • Flu, Fever, Head Cold, Runny infected nose, sore throat, weeping Cold Sores, Open Wounds, vomiting, diarrhea, symptoms of Gastroenteritis, Ringworm and head lice
    • It is recommended that symptoms be clear for 48 hours before returning to swimming for diarrhea symptoms please wait 2 weeks before commencing lessons.

Healthy Swimming Videos

Healthy Swimming Videos   – Short Version  – Long Version (Vic Government)


  • Please make sure your child is wearing close fitting, elastic leg swimmer nappies. Regular nappies are NOT acceptable or hygienic
  • NEVER remove nappies whilst in or near the pool. Only in designated change area; change table or change rooms
  • Bring a suitable ‘hanky’ or tissues for wiping the inevitable runny nose. Please use the bins provided for disposal.