Advanced Junior

Advanced Junior

Advanced Junior Development is for students usually over 7 years old who can swim safely & independently with confident ability in all strokes. Teaching is with instructors out of the pool. Swimmers must be comfortable swimming at least 50m consistently of all strokes

Through specialised drills and assessment teachers assist students in fine tuning their technique.

This class also involves working towards endurance, speed, team work, tumble turns and diving.

We work closely with students wishing to participate in the interschool carnival and have numerous students competing in the Zones & District Levels.


Important Notes:

Children MUST wear caps and goggles to every class.
Children MUST wear correct swimwear. Girls; 1 piece bathers. Boys; fitted shorts or budgie smugglers 🙂
Flippers will be used at times and it is best for students to have their own, if not we do have pairs to lend.

We recommend water bottles in the warmer months to help with hydration.