Holiday Program

Holiday Program

The Berrydale Swim School Holiday Program is a week of intensive swimming that is held the first week of school holidays in Autumn, Winter & Spring. The Summer Program is held mid January.

Students attend a 30 minute class every day during that week.

Most holiday programs are 5 days – Cost $125 (4 days = $100)

Each swimmer is placed in a group of 4/5 swimmers depending on approximate swimming ability.

Swimmers have the same instructor for the entire week so they build trust and their instructor can assesses the students individual abilities. Attending everyday builds skills faster as there is no long gap to remember what they did. They work progressively through skills & water safety at their pace building confidence and knowledge. Students are rewarded with a certificate at the end of the week. Each students progress is kept on record with the school for future programs to assist with progression of skills development.

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“Mason absolutely loved the program and in fact cried on the way home this morning when we told him that was the last session for a week. Mason is very passionate about swimming (being in/under the water) and we are just so thrilled to see him thrive under the Berrydale program. We are convinced he was a fish in a past life as he loves water and fishing (Robson Green Extreme Fishing).”

“We just wanted to say a big thank u for the work u put in with Tom! He had such a fantastic week and learnt so much! We were thrilled!!!”

“Thanks so much again for having them. Turns out that now, Finn absolutely loves the water and was excited to come every day! Didn’t take him long to get in to it. And I just can’t believe how far they’ve both come along. Ava’s confidence is amazing!”

“Ivy and Lewis both enjoyed swimming for the week and had a good time. Lewis thought Alex was wonderful and he responded so well to her. She has a real positive way with the little kids and it was delightful to watch her in action. See you in Winter holiday Program!!!!”

“Thank you for another amazing holiday program – it’s wonderful to watch their progression each holidays and they absolutely love it too. Also, Ivy has not stopped talking about Alex – she thinks she’s pretty fabulous!”