Infant swimming lessons are about bonding with a swimming buddy and enjoying the water; through song, play and specialised water activities.

Children will learn balance, flotation, movement, water familiarisation, breath control leading to submersion at the child’s pace. We do not force dunking.

Some children will be more confident or advanced than others. The main aim for this level is to enjoy the experience and not be afraid.

Important Notes:

*All children in these groups MUST wear proper close fitting, elastic leg swimmers nappies for the cleanliness of the pool, yourself and other patrons
*NEVER remove nappies whilst in or near the pool. Only in designated change area; change table or change rooms

*Please INFORM US ASAP if your child will be absent to allow other makeup lessons to be completed or people on waiting lists to be able to attend.
*Goggles and caps are not required at this stage.
*Parents/buddies are able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in; t-shirts are recommended as it gives babies something to hold on to.
*Parents do not have to wear caps but hair tied back would be appreciated.
*For colder months please keep your children warm after class. Read our Winter Ideas for tips.